Success is not always the result of quantity of work but: listening and understanding all parties.

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I am committed to fair and ethical commercial, commercial and corporate mediations that respect multiple interests of all parties and recognize your importance.

My job is to improve your business


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Médiation with a smile is always easier than ...

Our objective is to guide you resolve complex disputes that involve multiple parties, many claims, different jurisdictions and parallell or closely related judicial proceedings

We believe that suing is a thing of the past.

Corporations don't have time to mingle with amateurs and emotional and distracted people because the possibilities for argumentations...and settling are almots limitless !

As financial markets worldwide converge and diverge, companies looking to execute transactions with different people from different nationalities and cultures face an array of challenges

We like complex challenges wherever you are.

Médiateur Commercial

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Lawyer, Commercial Construction mediator

Lawyer, Commercial Construction mediator

* Give me a call:  (418) 683-0003

Jean Louis Racine has been a lawyer since 1978.  For 40 years, he’s settled over $477,000,000.

  • Member of the Bar of Quebec

  • Member of the Canadian Bar (extrajudicial dispute resolution)

  • Member of the oaciq

  • Associate Member of the American Bar Association – Dispute Resolution

  • Member of the Quebec Institute of Mediation and Arbitration

  • Member of the American Arbitration Association

Jean Louis Racine has published 3 books and ebooks:

1) Construction 101

2) Commercial Lease Bible 1 - How to Renew Your Lease -27 Ways to Get Free Rents

2) Commercial Lease Bible 2- 99 Tips to Reduce Your Rent -Even If Your Lease is Not Finished!

3) Commercial Lease Bible 3- 259 Lease Secrets

Médiateur Commercial

Médiation Commerciale

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  • We have a results-oriented focus
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Jean Louis Racine, lawyer (40 years of experience), Commercial Construction Mediator

My job is to improve your Business